Black Lycra Fitted Tablecloth (6ft)


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Our ultra modern Black Lycra Fitted Tablecloths made from durable 4-way-stretch lycra spandex with rugged foot pockets will transform any table into a classy and elegant setting. At a fraction of the cost of a skirting/cloth combo, these fitted tablecloths are the all-in-one answer for so many occasions!

Size: 182x75x73cm – 6 Foot Fitted Tablecloth
Colour: Classic Black
Seating: To fit standard Trestle Table size/ 6 Foot Table that seat 5-8 People
Pleated and Hemmed: Our fitted tablecloths have the finest finishings. allow for slight varying in table size, and some space allowance for chairs, feet, etc.
Quality, Industry Grade Material: ULTRA-DURABLE 100% 4-way-stretch Lycra.
Elastic Foot Pockets: Our tablecloths come with elastic foot pockets which easily fit over the bottoms of your tables legs. Elastic foot pockets are very important as they’re strong, so when rubbing against the ground they wont break. They also stretch to fit a wide variety of table legs.
Durable: Very strong 220gs/m, EasyCare machine washable


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