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Connex SPK-SPK6
The Connex SPK-SPK6 cable is a high grade passive speaker cable with an ultra secure speakon connector terminating each end. Designed to lock into place to prevent unwanted disconnection or loss of signal. The cable includes a thick rubber shielding to help prevent unwanted noise from entering your cable. Ideal for split PA systems, and DJs / Bands using passive speakers and amplifier.

Great sound quality
Suitable for professional use
Well insulated cable
Durable cable
High-quality Speakon connectors

Connector 1: NL4 Speakon

Connector 2: NL4 Speakon

Cable: 2x Core

Cable Length: 6.0m

Cable Diameter: 8mm



Connex are an Australian brand which produce an extensive range of quality audio and power cables. Choose from a variety of lengths of XLR, RCA, Jack, Speaker cable and more. For over 40 years Citronic have been a crusader for the working DJ, becoming a well established, respected and leading brand in the DJ industry. Many features developed by Citronic have become industry standards.The Citronic philosophy has always been to push the barriers of quality and innovation, while providing equipment that is reliable, and a service level that is second to none. As the digital era evolves, Citronic continues to incorporate new technologies into our distinctive, dependable and affordable products for DJs and musicians, as well as servicing many sectors of the entertainment industry including pubs, nightclubs, hotels and studios. Check out the comprehensive range of CDJ, active speakers, DJ mixers, USB soundboards and studio monitors.


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