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The Eclipse Spark Blue

The Eclipse Spark Laser Series, Comes in three different and vibrant colors BLUE, GREEN and PINK. The Lasers are powered at a massive 1000 mW each with an amazing display of over 200 Beam patterns, animations and effects, the Spark Range is an awesome Single color Laser series that would be ideal for any Mobile DJ set-up, Link all three together to have a color array. The Eclipse Spark’s are DMX compatible and run stand alone in both Auto and Sound Activation modes.

Laser power: 1000MW Blue
Heavy Duty Casing
High Powered
Over 200 different Beam Patterns, effects and animations
Scanner system: Big angle step motor
Working Modes: Sound Active, Auto run, DMX512 (9 CH), Master/slave mode
Interface: 3 pins XLR jack for DMX or Master-Slave linking
Input power: AC 100V~240V, 50/60Hz. Rated power: 15W.



Eclipse is an Australian laser lighting brand which caters to all environments including house parties and clubs. Select from a variety of colours such as green, blue, pink and multi-colour. AVE sees the release of many incredible lighting effects under the brand Brightlight, but now the Australian Audio Visual giant introduces it’s range of LASER effects with ECLIPSE! From single colour units projecting bright beams of Green, Blue or Pink to epic single beam effects blasting out an amazing 1, 2 or 3 watts of lasers capable of incredible animations via ILDA, DMX, Auto or Sound active control. Multi point lasers are also in the range, headed by the incredible Galaxy laser, a tri-colour super bright laser to ‘WOW’ any audience. Coupled with one of the great smoke or haze machines on offer by AVE, your new ECLIPSE product will be the centre of attention at your next party! Many of the fixtures offer advanced intelligent control via DMX or ILDA as well as Sound active and Auto patterns so no matter what method of control you choose you will be able to put on an incredible show for any occasion.

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