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Litecase LC-1000B
The Litecase LC-1000B is a high quality professional roadcase designed to house and protect DJ turntables. Made from 9mm laminated ply with black aluminium edging and corners. Giving the case a tough all back look to make sure set-up stand out. The case utilizes heavy-duty butterfly latches to secure the lit to the base, helping to secure the turntable in posting when not in use. Inside the case is a padded high density foam that offers protection against scuffs and scratches, as well as providing added isolation from vibration during use. Supporting the turntable is a secondary layer of foam that further isolates the turntable and raises it to be flush* with the edge of the case.

A must have for any serious vinyl DJ or turntable wanting the best protection while gigging.

*measurements based on standard Technic’s SL-1200 and Super OEM model turntables.

Fits a wide range of DJ Turntable including Technics, Reloop, Pioneer, and more
Sturdy aluminium and plywood construction
Full padded interior keeps controller well-protected
High density EVA foam protective padding
Extra-wide black solid aluminum profiles
Secure stacking due to stackable ball corners

Technics SL-1200 / SL-1210
Pioneer PLX-1000 / PLX-500
Reloop RP-8000 / RP-7000mk2 / RP-70000 / RP-40000 / RP-2000
Audio Technica LP-120 / LP-1240
Stanton ST-150 / ST-90

Internal (LxWxD)

457 x 367 x 110mm/56mm with foam insert (Bottom section)
460 x 367 x 70mm (Top section)
External (LxWxD)

590 x 480 x 230 mm



Litecase is an Australian brand known for making durable flight and road cases to protect expensive audio and DJ equipment. Litecase will protect your vinyl records, to your DJ Mixer. Litecase by AVE is a range of high quality, sturdy road cases for all your transport, storage and general packing needs. DJ’s can rest assured their precious equipment is securely and safely ready to transport. The materials on the case are all of the highest quality including butterfly latches to ensure a tight and strong fit in achieved when the lid is closed. Also in the range are rack cases for all your 19″ rack units such as EQ’s, compressors, limiters and many other options. Whatever equipment you mount into a case which proudly reads Litecase on its badge you know you are investing in quality and the longevity of your gear that will be safely and securely protected while in use, storage or transport


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