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Ortofon’s Spiral slipmats are stylish way to personalise your turntable set-up. Specially designed to minimise vinyl-to-platter friction as much as possible whilst maintaining vinyl integrity, ensuring your vinyl does not scuff or become damaged.

The Slipmat is made from a specialised material thin material that is long-lasting and provides a solid feel while you DJ

Made out of a smooth but strong material
Unique matte surface
Far more resistant to dust and other particles
Extra thin and provide optimum feel for DJs
Slipmat comes in pairs



Ortofon is a forerunner in producing high quality turntable cartridges and styluses. Their huge variety will cater to all DJs seeking a particular cartridge or stylus to suit their needs. Orotofon is leading the world in developing and manufacturing incredibly high quality phono cartridges, tonearms and audio cables, featuring low record wear, superior tracking and high fidelity output. For the very best in performance components for your DVS or analogue records you simply cannot go past their range of Ortofon products. Ortofon’s OM and Concorde cartridges are the industry standard for DJ’s worldwide.


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