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Scrim King SS-CLP01

The Scrim King SS-CLP01 clamp is the easiest solution to fit your scrims to your stands. The unit features a durable clip for attaching the scrim to, and a unique split lock design allowing easy install even once the stand is set up with lights or speaker.

The Scrim King clamp was created to answer the number 1 question Scrim King has been receiving since it’s Creation. That question was – How Do I attach My Scrim? In the Past, C-clamps, O-clamps, Zip ties and other devices were the way to go.

Now the question has finally been answered with the new Scrim King Clamp. The Diameter is 1 and 3/8” to 1.5” to fit various stands. This clamp gives you the most low profile look possible. You can leave it on your stand to ensure it’s there every time you’re out on a gig!

Fit your scrims easy to your speaker / lighting stands
Suits most speaker and lighting stands
Easy to fit and adjust


Scrim King

Scrim King offers an elegant solution to concealing speaker stands, lighting stands, tables and trussing without compromising their performance and functionality. DJ covers available in black or white. Designed for mobile performers, A/V hire companies and special event venues, the Scrims offer a versatile and elegant solution to hiding speaker stands, lighting stands, tables, etc. without compromising their performance or functionality. With the Scrim King scrims in place, one can simply hide all cables and eye sores from the audience’s view to increase the overall appeal of the set up while maintaining access. The simplistic approach by Scrim King allows the scrims to be incredibly transportable and robust and look as good as new every time they are pulled out of the bag and stretched over your stands. The black stands offer a very suave finish to your display while the white stands give the option of placing a coloured light under the scrim to have a colour change effect on your stands or by leaving as is you can accomplish a modern and sophisticated look perfect for weddings or classy events.


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